the spiral of life

A journey of motherhood portrayed through a lens like never before.

A musical story weaving all the beauty and emotional array of a life on the shores

of a small ocean town as a mother of two little humans. 

Fibonacci, also known as the golden ratio, is a shape of a spiral, inherent in all forms of nature.

It’s in the swirl of a shell, the curl of a sprout and the splash of the stars across the Milky Way.

Us all, are a part of nature. Our life events and the emotions around them don’t follow a linear path.

The cyclones of grief, the fires of anger, the tides of melancholy, the sun rays of love and the rainbows of joy

don’t clock on as a “nine to five”.

We don’t run through lives only to arrive and crash in a cloud of smoke at point Z.

Us too, spin through time into the deeper loops of the spiral, to experience the same truths and to learn form them.